The Importance of Going With Your GUT

You’ve been there: something gives you a bad feeling or “vibe”. You go along with it despite your instincts telling you no. You don’t listen to your gut, and you end up getting burned, cheated, or deceived.

It’s the worst. And you always end up telling yourself the same thing: I should have went with my gut.

Listen… your gut, your instincts, your intuition, whatever you want to call it, is one of the most important compasses you have in this world.

It can steer you right most of the time. It can keep you from heartache most of the time. It can help you be a rational consumer most of the time…

If you listen to it.

And the first step to listening to your gut is to trust yourself.

Trust that you’ll make the right decision. Trust that you know what’s best for you. Trust that you know what you want.

Now is it fail-proof? No.

Sometimes you just gotta tell your gut to shut the hell up and go for something NOW, or go for something uncomfortable or tough (of course be smart about it).

Sometimes someone will act kind of shady but be totally well-meaning (rare, but it happens).

Sometimes, you just need to do stupid stuff to learn from it and get the lessons. This is especially true for those of you who are younger. Successes and failures (life experiences) help develop your intuition.

But the bottom line is:

If your gut’s telling you yes, it’s probably a yes. And if your gut’s telling you no, it’s probably a no.

Don’t totally ignore it. Listen to it. Why are you feeling that way? There’s almost always an underlying reason.

This goes double for finding what works in regards to training and nutrition.

If something sounds too good to be true…

It probably is.

If something seems too easy to work…

It probably is.

If someone promises you the world for just 4 easy payments of $49.95…


“But it/they SEEMED legit!”


Famous last words.

Should’ve went with your gut.




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