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Brute Strength Podcast – One of the best health and fitness podcasts I’ve found.

Training Gear

Iron Bull Strength Fractional Weight Plates – Fractional weight plates allow you to add small amounts of weight to the bar, which over time will lead to HUGE strength gains. You can slip these into your gym bag and bring ’em to the gym, or use ’em in your home gym.


Peace Coffee Birchwood Blend – I like to wake up the right way and feel good about my coffee choice. Peace coffee is fair trade, shade-grown, and organic.

EPIC Chicken Sriracha Bar – A great on-the-go protein-packed snack.

Gol Bar Chocolate Sea Salt

RX Bar Variety Pack

Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code for Men – I eat a pretty varied diet, but I’m still likely not getting adequate nutrients in the right ratios. A multi helps me cover the bases and avoid deficiencies. Some of the reasons I love GOL multivitamins:

  • They have a good micronutrient profile
  • They’re the highest scored multi on, meaning what the label says is actually what’s in the product
  • The serving size is 4 capsules. This means I can dose depending on my needs for the day
  • They contain no junk, no fillers, and no artificial crap

Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code for Women – See above. Formulated for women.



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