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Your body adapts to anything.

This is great, as it gets more effective and efficient at dealing with the stress placed on it.

But if you’re not careful certain adaptations can lead to imbalances.

Examples of common stresses that can cause imbalances:

Sitting. A lot of us sit for most of the day at computers. And yes, our bodies adapt to this. Specifically, sitting can lead to a weak posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, lower back), shortened hip flexors, rounded shoulders, and a “forward” head.

Too much emphasis on “mirror” muscles and little emphasis on anything else. Working only beach muscles is a recipe for imbalance. Trust me I’ve been here, and it’s not pretty.

Too much of one form of cardio. If you only do one form of cardio exclusively, especially without resistance training and a good stretching program, imbalances can be created.

Three things that can help here:

Undue the damage of sitting. Use resistance training to strengthen the posterior chain, back, and neck.

Mix up your resistance training and cardio. Train ALL muscles and movements. Different forms of resistance training and cardio use different muscles in different ways. Try something new.

Stretch. Stretching can keep muscles, tendons, and ligaments from becoming too tight, and help loosen tight muscles tendons, and ligaments.

Do You Really Want It?

Do you really want it? Or do you just like the idea of it?

These two are not the same, and the difference is in actually obtaining something and being a daydreamer.

For example, almost every guy likes the idea of gaining muscle (I’ve never heard any dude say they couldn’t use a little extra size), but how many muscular dudes do you see walking around?


The point is that if you’re actually going to get something… you can’t be a daydreamer like the majority, you need to be an action-taker like the successful few.


Unless you’re a professional athlete (or a very serious amateur athlete), life is too unpredictable for strict adherence to programs.

Sure, you can write out the greatest training and nutrition program in the world, but what does it matter if you can’t even adhere to it? (or worse, never even start it!)

A program is just words on paper.

Life is dynamic and fluid and always changing.

So what do I suggest doing?

Becoming more flexible and adaptable.

Now, this isn’t a license to do anything you want. You should still have some kind of routine and ways to measure progress.


You shouldn’t need everything to be “perfect” or even ideal to be consistent.

This means things like:

  • Getting some home-gym equipment for those times you can’t get to a gym (if you don’t workout at home to begin with).
  • Going to a gym that’s close.
  • Learning bodyweight movements for bodyweight workouts.
  • Finding ways to do quick, effective cardio sessions
  • Meal prepping.
  • Finding healthy “fast” food options.

And so on.

Learn to roll with the punches… and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the healthiest and most aesthetic version of yourself.

Mowing the Lawn While the House Is on Fire

A lot of people get caught mowing the lawn while the house is on fire.

They do things like:

  • Worry about supplements when their diet is trash.
  • Worry about which protein to take post-workout when their diet is trash.
  • Worry about bicep peaks when they can’t do a single pull-up.
  • Worry about which exercises build the abs when they’re 30% body fat.
  • Worry about removing fat from a certain spot on their body when they’re 30% body fat.

Don’t be one of these people. Put first things (fundamentals) first.

Put the fire out… then focus on the lawn.

Information Overload

The key to avoiding information overload and retaining knowledge better is to go for quality over quantity.

Pick a few quality sources of content and consume everything from them.

Study what they do, say, write. Read books, watch videos, and listen to podcasts several times. Make a list of earth-shattering stuff and go back to it regularly.

I used to be about quantity. Now I’m about quality… and it’s changed my life.

Ineffective Repetition

If you continue to do things the way you’ve always done them, you’ll get the same results you’ve always gotten.

To level up anything, you must first level up your effort.

If you don’t, you’ll stay stuck on the hamster wheel just like everybody else.

Live Somewhere in the Middle

Extremes are just that, extreme.

No one can live in the extremes for very long, and those who try flame out quickly.

Venture out to the extremes, but don’t make them your home.

Live somewhere in the middle.

The Power of Visualization

Before you create anything physically, you must first create it mentally.

EVERYTHING starts with a mental manifestation.

See yourself achieving what you want to achieve. See yourself winning. See yourself getting what you desire.

BURN the images into your mind.

What happens is that you start to see yourself differently. You see yourself as a winner, as an achiever. It gets the ball rolling in the right direction.

Note: make sure your goals are SMART before you visualize them. Visualizing unrealistic and unattainable things will have the opposite effect.

Another note: visualization means nothing without action. You must also take action!

So what do you want? Visualize it and take the action needed to get it.