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Things I Notice When I Don’t Get Enough Quality Sleep

So you already know the importance of sleep (right?).

It’s really incredible how ineffective you are when you get bad sleep.

Lately life has been hectic for me and I’ve been getting less sleep than usual.

Here are some of the negative effects I see:

Lessened ability to focus. My mind wanders. I can’t really focus on studying and writing. my training suffers as I’m just not as into it as usual.

More irritable and impatient. I just have zero patience when I’m low on sleep. I’m quick to snap.

Bigger appetite. And I find myself craving calorie dense foods.

Dampened mood. Usually I’m optimistic and generally pretty happy throughout the day, but less so when I get bad sleep.

This is why I place such a premium on getting good sleep.

Messin’ Around

Are you gettin’ ready to get ready?

Are you waiting until things are perfect to get started?

Are you panning to plan a training program?

Let me tell ya something brother… life’s not that long.

Stop messin’ around and get after it.

Get ready, but don’t wait.

Have a good place to start… but don’t think it’ll be perfect.

Plan… but also DO.

The Lifelong Project

The older I get, the more I realize how important consistency and accumulation are.

In other words, success in anything is millions of small events that add up to something huge.

It’s why the guy consistently banging out workouts for years looks like a superhero, and why the guy who goes hard for a month only to quit looks like your average Joe.

It’s a lifelong project of becoming. It’s not I’ll get this and then I’m done.

Small Changes Can Mean Everything

When I was in college I took a painting class. I was terrible at it.

One day I stood back and looked at the crappy painting I was doing, frustrated, when a girl from the class came over.

She was one of the better painters, and she gave me some pointers on how to hold the brush and how to apply the paint to the canvas.

Wouldn’t you know it, after taking her advice my paintings instantly became better. They actually started to look like paintings! And no lie, I actually got an “A” on the next painting I turned in.

Now, these small changes didn’t turn me into Pablo Picasso or anything, but that’s not the point. The point is two underlying lessons:

  • Sometimes all it takes is a couple small changes to make things “click”.
  • The help of someone who’s “been there and done that” is incredibly valuable when they can show you how to make these small changes.

Something wasn’t right…

I felt weak and lethargic. I didn’t want to do anything, yet I couldn’t sit still. My mind was fuzzy. My mood was in the gutter.

It just didn’t make sense. I had slept decent the night before. I had trained, but that has never really made me feel like this.

Then it hit me…

DEHYDRATION! I was dehydrated, and the moment I started rehydrating myself I started to get back to normal.

Seriously, dehydration makes men shells of their hydrated selves.

Indeed, you really don’t realize the importance of proper hydration until you reach a dehydrated state. Performance in every aspect truly suffers.

The lesson here? Drink your water! And make hydration a priority.

The Enjoyment Factor

Yes, you should have clear-cut goals. Yes, most everything you do should have a purpose. And yes, you have to get serious to get anywhere.

But don’t forget to also make your training fun and enjoyable.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

I have a blast almost every time I train, and if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t do it!

The key is finding ways to make it fun and enjoyable while still smashing your goals.